Il gioco e le sue discipline

Launching technique

The throwing technique is simple, but requires all personal resources.

1st step: The player reaches the throwing point with the bottle in his hand.

2nd step: The player stands up straight and keeps his body loose and relaxed.

3rd step: The player observes the road in front of him to identify the shape of the road, bumps, curves, etc., in order to find the path that the nozzle will take, and then decides the position, a) (right, centre or left in relation to the launch point), that it should have at the moment when the bottle detaches from the hand that holds it, at the end of the accelerated run, as well as the point b) of the road that must be touched by the thrown flask (in this test, which is fundamental for the result, the player can be helped by one or two companions, one of whom stands next to the player, and the other stands in front of him near the point b) indicating it with a tuft of grass, and remaining there with his legs spread on the point itself, until the flask arrives).

4th phase: the player moves backwards from the position a) for the metres considered sufficient for him, to start an accelerated run, which will end near the point where the hand must leave the flask (run identical to the one necessary for the long jump), and then from the athletic position, i.e. the natural one mentioned above, and with the flask in the hand, natural tight, (he swings his arms to relax his shoulders), if he is right-handed he will place the weight of the body on his left leg and the right one remains behind, leaning on the forefoot (opposite process for the left-handed player) and then he gives momentum with his right foot to take the run-up while keeping his eyes on the line of throw that he has predetermined (the strength comes from the run-up and the synchronized swinging of the arm, so it is important to be as fast as possible, you should start with small and fast steps and then increase the gait and the momentum) and then reaches the line of launch (when the process of release of the bowl will be started) and jump taking off both feet from the ground and simultaneously implement the completion of the rotation of the arm under the shoulder (ie towards the end of the run-up the arm moves as far as possible back until it reaches the height of the shoulder and the hand with the bowl above at least at the level of the head and simultaneously the other arm on the contrary rises perpendicularly to the body to balance the player, and when it comes back down the player starts to jump, pushing himself with his right foot (left if left-handed) and the right arm is projected forward, up to the point where the hand opens and the bowl starts (like an arrow from the bow).
the arrow from the bow).